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Who we are?



"All women across the world should have access to fully equipped, quality assured, dedicated Breast Centers/Units, that provide competent and comprehensive care"

2nd International Congress of Breast Disease Centres - Paris, February 2012

Approved by the Chairmen of:

  • ISS/SIS (International School of Senology of the Senologic International Society)
  • NAPBC (National Accreditation Program of Breast centers, USA)
  • EUSOMA (European Society of Breast Specialists)

and endorsed by the President of UICC (International Union for Cancer Control)

Breast Centres Network is the first international network of clinical centres exclusively dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer. It is a project of ESO (European School of Oncology) with the aim to promote and improve breast cancer care in Europe and throughout the world.

Our network includes Breast Units (Multidisciplinary Breast Centres) that fulfill minimum requirements (see Eligibility Gate) to be considered referral centres. Organisation of Multidisciplinary Breast Units is recommended by EUSOMA, Europa Donna (European Breast Cancer Coalition) and the European Parliament. In the US, breast center accreditation is offered by the National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers.

We offer an online Breast Unit Directory that provides detailed information at a glance about our members in an attempt to broadcast the state-of-the-art international standards for multidisciplinary breast cancer care.

on Breast Cancer

e-ESO offers free weekly CME and ESMO-MORA accredited e-grandrounds and monthly e-oncoreviews on various topics.
The box below shows all the Breast Cancer e-sessions available on e-ESO website. Participants are invited to attend the sessions either live (Thursdays / the first Tuesday of every month18:15-19:00 CET) or at any time as Recorded Session in the 6 months after the live session. In both modes, attendants participate in remote, without webcam and without appearing in the system. Registration to e-ESO is free of charge but required.

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