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Full Member

CHU St. Pierre

Brussels, Belgium

CHU St. Pierre
  • 153 New breast cancer cases treated per year
  • 13 Breast multidisciplinarity team members
Radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiotherapists and nurses

Clinical Director: Birgit CarlyMD

We created our Breast Clinic of CHU St. Pierre in Brussels in 1995. Our goal is to provide high technology medicine in a patient-centred manner. We use the latest evidence-based results and cooperate in clinical trials as much as possible. Every patient has clinical contact with the psycho-oncologist. All conditions are met to provide a quick diagnosis from our multidisciplinary team. We work in the field of prevention, screening, treatment, follow-up and palliative care. This assures the quality of our work, whatever the origin and the psycho-social background of the patients. The psychologist is a full staff member and is integrated with our team. Our group is convinced that the patient has the central role, and we feel that our patients are women with breast cancer and not only breast cancers.


BCCERT - Breast Centres Certification

Expiration date: 09 March 2024
BCCERT - Breast Centres Certification

Certification document (original lang.)
Certification document (eng lang.)


CHU St. Pierre

Rue Haute 322
1000 Brussels, 
Phone: +3225353400
Fax: +3225353409

Last modified: 21 April 2021