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Military Medical Academy Sofia

Sofia, Bulgaria

Military Medical Academy Sofia
  • 261 New breast cancer cases treated per year
  • 10 Breast multidisciplinarity team members
Radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiotherapists and nurses

Clinical Director: Georgi BaytchevPhD

Our Breast Unit is located within the Military Medical Academy, Sofia. It provides comprehensive multidisciplinary care to breast cancer patients. The core team includes breast surgeons, pathologists, psycho-oncologists, reconstructive surgeons, radiation oncologists and radiologists. Our mission in the Breast Unit is to have a multidisciplinary approach that includes prevention, early diagnosis and treatment to high-risk cases and breast cancer patients. We present preoperative and postoperative cases, and the treatment options are based on state of the art and the individual features of the patients. The main objectives of the Unit are: a) Academical, ethics and responsibility; b) Education of medical students; c) Conducting and participating in clinical research studies.

Military Medical Academy Sofia

George Sofiisky Blvd.
1606 Sofia, 
Phone: +3592883427500

Last modified: 26 March 2021