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Hospital da Mulher Maria Luzia dos Santos

Salvador, Bahia, Brazil

Hospital da Mulher Maria Luzia dos Santos

Rua Barão de Cotegipe, 1135, Largo de Roma , Salvaror,
40411900 Salvador, Bahia, 
Phone: +55 71 30345005
Fax: + 55 71 30345005

From airport:
From the subway station “Aeroporto” to the station “Iguatemi”. Upon arriving at the “Iguatemi” station, the visitor must leave this station and head for the bus connection to “Largo de Roma” located in the lower city.

By train:
No trains to Women’ hospital.

By bus or sub-way/underground:
There is no subway to Hospital da Mulher, however the route from any location in the city can be done, by identifying the bus line that has the following destination: Largo de Roma na “Cidade Baixa”.

By car:
Easy access. The Hospital da Mulher can be reached using the following address in spatial orientation applications (GPS): “Rua Barão de Cotegipe, 1135” ou “Largo de Roma” in the city of Salvador, Bahia, Brazil.

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