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Champalimaud Foundation/Champalimaud Clinical Center

Lisbon, Portugal

Champalimaud Foundation/Champalimaud Clinical Center
  • 700 New breast cancer cases treated per year
  • 24 Breast multidisciplinarity team members
Radiologists, surgeons, pathologists, medical oncologists, radiotherapists and nurses

Clinical Director: Fatima CardosoMD

The Champalimaud Breast Unit was launched in 2011 under the Direction of Dr Fatima Cardoso and is now working at full speed. Multidisciplinary meetings are held every week for treatment decisions, and consultations are shared between specialties whenever necessary. In the multidisciplinary meetings, besides the members of the Breast Unit, which includes medical oncologists, breast surgeons, plastic surgeons, radiation oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and specialised nurses, we also count on the participation of nuclear medicine specialists, psycho-oncologists, nutritionists, geneticists and palliative care specialists. Our team is fully committed to providing the best possible outcome as well as the best quality of life and quality of care. We believe that major improvements come through high quality clinical and translational research, as well as high-quality health care which follows international guidelines. Therefore, all treatments and second opinions are based on proven concepts, and several clinical trials are underway at the Breast Unit. We firmly believe that working together maximises the potential of each one of us and delivers better outcomes to our patients.


BCCERT - Breast Centres Certification

Expiration date: 04 May 2022
BCCERT - Breast Centres Certification

Certification document (original lang.)
Certification document (eng lang.)


Champalimaud Foundation/Champalimaud Clinical Center

Avenida de Brasilia
1400-038 Lisbon, 
Phone: +351 210 480 048

Last modified: 06 October 2021